118th U.S. Congress (2023-2024)

Latest Top Votes: March 20-24

1. Expanding Parental Role in Public Schools
2. Preventing Schools from Banning Books
3. Failing to Override Biden Veto
4. Affirming U.S. Partnership with Taiwan
5. Australia-United Kingdom-United States Alliance
6. Authorizing U.S. Force Against Shiite Militias

Top Votes Archive, 117th U.S. Congress (2021-2022)


(1) Ensuring Access to Contraception (2) Providing Birth Control Over the Counter (3) Writing Roe v. Wade into Federal Law (4) Rebuffing GOP Anti-Abortion Bill (5) Crossing State Lines for Abortion and (6) Requiring Parental Approval of Abortions (7) Writing Abortion Rights into Federal Law

Biden Agenda

(1) Passing Federal Budget (2) Combating Inflation & Climate Change (3) Out-Competing China (4) Keeping American Jobs at Home (5) Approving $1 Trillion for Infrastructure (6) Passing American Rescue Plan.


(1) Statehood for Puerto Rico (2) Republican Statehood Motion (3) Strengthening 19th Century Law on Presidential Elections (4) Protecting Voting Rights & Election Integrity (5) Committee to Probe Jan. 6 Insurrection (6) Setting up January 6th Commission (7) Impeaching Trump for Insurrection (8) Nixing PA Electoral Votes.


(1) Marriage Equality in Federal Law (2) Senate Approval of Marriage Equality (3) Outlawing Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation.

Defense/Foreign Affairs

(1) Approving $858 Billion Military Budget (2) Sending Military Budget to Biden (3) Approving $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine and (4) Expressing Solidarity with Cuban People.


(1) Banning Assault Weapons (2) Sending Active-Shooter Alerts to the Public (3) Expanding Gun Limits After Uvalde and Buffalo (4) Denying Assault Weapons to Young People (5) Extending Time for Background Checks and (6) Expanding Background Checks.


(1) Protecting Dreamers and Other Immigrants and (2) Denying Protection to Gang Members.


(1) Banning Arbitration in Sexual Abuse Cases (2) Nullifying Non-Disclosure Clauses (3) Protecting Labor’s Right to Organize and (4) Barring Recruitment of Undocumented Workers

Law Enforcement

(1) Renewing Violence Against Women Act (2) Adopting GOP’s Violence Against Women Act and (3) Addressing Police Misconduct