118th U.S. Congress (2023-2024)

Latest Top Votes: Nov. 13-17, 2023

  1. Continuing Resolution to Keep Government Open (HR 6363)
  2. Defunding Scientific Research into Gun Violence (HR 5894)
  3. Proposed 60 Percent Cut in Student Financial Aid (HR 5894)
  4. Stopgap Budget to Keep Government Open (HR 6363)
  5. Republicans’ Stand-Alone Aid to Israel (HR 6126)

Top Votes Archives:
117th Congress & 118th Congress (2021-2024)


(1) Abortion Access for Military Women (2) Criminalizing Late-Term Abortions (3) Democrats’ Abortion Rights Bill (4) Ensuring Access to Contraception (5) Providing Birth Control Over the Counter (6) Writing Roe v. Wade into Federal Law (7) Rebuffing GOP Anti-Abortion Bill (8) Crossing State Lines for Abortion (9) Requiring Parental Approval of Abortions (10) Writing Abortion Rights into Federal Law

Biden Agenda

(1) Biden-McCarthy Debt & Budget Deal (2) Student Loan Forgiveness (3) “ESG” Retirement Investments (4) Expanding Child Tax Credit (4) Passing Federal Budget (5) Inflation Reduction Act & Climate Investments (6) Out-Competing China (7) Keeping American Jobs at Home (8) Approving $1 Trillion for Infrastructure (9) Passing American Rescue Plan


(1) Defunding Biden Climate Program (2) Removing Climate from Aviation Research (3) Defunding Climate Research by Military (4) Defunding Global War on Climate Change (5) Inflation Reduction Act & Climate Investments

Defense/Foreign Affairs

(1) Declaring Support of Israel (2) $886 Billion for Military in 2024 (3) Ending Military Support of Ukraine (4) Cluster Munitions for Ukraine (5) $858 Billion for Military in 2023 (6) Approving $40 Billion Military Aid to Ukraine (7) Solidarity with Cuban People

Democracy & Insurrection

(1) Curbing Voting Rights in District of Columbia (2) Statehood for Puerto Rico (3) Republican Statehood Motion (4) Strengthening 19th Century Law on Presidential Elections (5) Protecting Voting Rights & Election Integrity (6) Committee to Probe Jan. 6 Insurrection (7) Setting up January 6th Commission (8) Impeaching Trump for Insurrection (9) GOP Bid to Decertify Pennsylvania’s Electoral Votes (10) GOP Bid to Decertify Arizona’s Electoral Votes


(1) Biden-McCarthy Debt & Budget Deal (2) Republican Debt & Budget Plan (3) Clean Extension of Debt Limit (4) Presidential Focus on Inflation (5) Cutting IRS Budget for Tax Collections


(1) Parental Role in Public Schools (2) Book Banning in Schools


(1) Importing Chinese Goods for Solar Panels (2) Republican Energy Policy


(1) Helicopter Flights Over National Parks (2) Energy-Efficient Household Stoves (3) Reducing Pollution by Heavy Trucks (4) Repealing Clean Water Rule


(1) Teaching Race History in Military Schools (2) Military Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (3) Gender Care for Military Families (4) Transgender Women in School Sports (5) Female Athletes’ Right to Privacy (6) Marriage Equality in Federal Law (7) Senate Approval of Marriage Equality (8) Outlawing Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation


(1) Guns for Mentally Impaired Veterans (2) Regulating Pistols Converted to Rifles (3) Selling Retired Federal Guns to Civilians (4) AR 15-Style Assault Rifles for Civilians (5) Good Standing for Firearms Buyers (7) Banning Assault Weapons (8) Sending Active-Shooter Alerts to the Public (9) Expanding Gun Limits After Uvalde and Buffalo (10) Denying Assault Weapons to Young People (11) Extending Time for Background Checks (12) Expanding Background Checks


(1) Undermining Affordable Care Act (2) Ending Vaccine Mandate for Foreign Travelers (3) Ending Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers (4) Revoking Covid Emergency Declarations (5) Protecting Medicare Benefits


(1) Denying Shelter to Undocumented Americans (2) Deportation for Assaulting Police (3) Innocent Until Proven Guilty (4) Republican Immigration Bill (5) Democratic Immigration Bill (6) Protecting Dreamers and Other Immigrants (7) Denying Protection to Gang Members


(1) Banning Arbitration in Sexual Abuse Cases (2) Nullifying Non-Disclosure Clauses (3) Protecting Labor’s Right to Organize and (4) Barring Recruitment of Undocumented Workers

Law Enforcement

(1) Fentanyl Trafficking & Addiction (2) Pandemic-Era Unemployment Fraud (3) Police Misconduct in D.C. (4) Banning Arbitration in Sexual Abuse Cases (5) Nullifying Non-Disclosure Clauses (6) Protecting Labor’s Right to Organize and (7) Barring Recruitment of Undocumented Workers

McCarthy Agenda

(1) Republican Censure of Rep. Schiff (2) Far-Right Revolt Shuts Down House (3) Congressional Veto of Regulations (4) Biden-McCarthy Debt & Budget Deal (5) Avoiding Vote on Expelling Rep. Santos (6) Addressing Free Speech on Facebook (7) Removing Rep. Omar from Committee (8) Subcommittee to Probe “Weaponization” (9) Select Committee on China (10) House Rules for 118th Congress